Happy Hour with Mr Hearts

Every Friday from 4pm

Heartville Records and The Duke Presents “Happy Hour with Mr Hearts”

Happy Hour with Mr Hearts is Enmore’s favourite happy hour hosted by Sydney’s Prosecco Cowboy, Jy Perry Banks. Every Friday from 4pm The Duke hosts a rotating bill of bands (Sweet Jelly Rolls, Pat Capocci, Lozz Benson, Members of Jimmy Barnes’ Band, CK and the 45s, Paul and John Field to name a few) and brings together a turbo-fueled afternoon of red-hot musos and a jacked audience.

You don’t really know what to expect at these Happy Hours (other than $5 drink specials) but you’re most definitely in for a treat with one of Mr Heart’s hopeless speeches, or a band member dancing on the bar or being lassoed to the mic. Spoil yourself with an arvo of debauchery, odes to Texas, hot Hawaiian nights with steel guitars, talent and nothin’ but a good time.